Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Montreal, Canada

Before I went, everyone told me that Montréal, Québec is as close to Europe as you can get in North America. I haven't been to Europe (yet), but if that is true Montréal made a great first impression.

The dates are starting to become blurred now, but I know we spend to wintry weeks in Montreal, so it could only have been last December!

I won't bore you with the details, since they are probably outdated by now, but if you're looking for art, good food and a cool vibe- Montreal awaits. Even in Winter. The city is pretty walkable and has a reliable rail system.

If you're in the mood for driving, visit St. Benoit du Lac, where you can pick up wines, ciders and cheeses made by the industrious monks there! If you're traveling in snow make sure you have WINTER tires (something that all Canadians know but was missed by our American rental car person and ourselves.)
Even if you are not Catholic or particularly religious, the beauty of the Notre Dame Basilica of Montréal is awe-inspiring and within easy walking distance of the center of government.

Need another family friendly spot? There's tons, but be sure to visit the Biosphere and its surrounding park. Of particular interest to budding fashionistas, the ONE exhibit on through Dec 2012.

Whether you favor haute cuisine or more regular fare, be sure to stop by Chinatown for authentic, inexpensive Asian fare. Yum!

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