Monday, January 25, 2010

La Casa de Manuelita Sáenz

"La Libertadora del Libertador"

The former house of Manuelita Sáenz is now the Museum of Regional Clothing. It is an exhibition of typical, historical and modern clothing from all over Colombia. Part of the exhibit is dedicated to the different types of weaving to be found in South America and includes tools and samples.

Manuelita Sáenz was one of the most influential women of post-colonial South America. She was an extremely beautiful and intelligent woman. She was an Ecuadorian who originally supported the war of independence from home. Later, she became Simón Bolivar's mistress and followed him to Bogotá when the government was set here. After she saved his life (multiple times) from the plots hatched against him, he called her "La Libertadora del Libertador."

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