Monday, January 25, 2010

Bogota, First Week...The search for good food.

The first few days in Bogotá were a mixed bag. Viewed at night from the foot of Monserrate, the city is beautiful, resplendent. The food, however, wasn't what I expected. (Read: where were the fresh fruits, vegetables and local dishes I'd been looking forward to?) The best places we found to eat were a local chain Oma and a place called Crepes & Waffles. They are both very popular, but the food is definitely Americanized.

But now, success! We found this great place, Quinua y Amaranto, that serves organic food, Colombian-style!!

We made it in time for breakfast, so I had a fruit salad (strawberries, starfruit, papaya and bananas), French bread (fresh) with a delicious strawberry jam, and something called "Caldo de Huevo" but with no visible egg and it tasted delicious. I wanted chocolate but decided on carrot juice instead. It was a good choice because it was made on the spot and delicious.

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